Round Plastic Fence Posts

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Dia: 45mm L:1.3m Weight:1.9kg, Dia: 45mm L:1.5m Weight:2.2kg, Dia: 45mm L:1.75m Weight:2.6kg, Dia: 45mm L:1m Weight:1.5kg, Dia: 45mm L:850mm Weight:1.3kg, Dia: 60mm L:1.5m Weight:3.9kg, Dia: 60mm L:1.75m Weight:4.6kg, Dia: 60mm L:2.25m Weight:5.9kg, Dia: 60mm L:2.5m Weight:6.6kg, Dia: 60mm L:2m Weight:5.3kg, Dia: 70mm L:1.5m Weight:5.4kg, Dia: 70mm L:1.75m Weight:6.3kg, Dia: 70mm L:2.25m Weight:8.1kg, Dia: 70mm L:2.5m Weight:9kg, Dia: 70mm L:2m Weight:7.2kg, Dia: 80mm L:500mm Weight:2.3kg, Dia: 80mm L:750mm Weight:3.5kg, Dia:100mm L:1.25m Weight:9.1kg, Dia:100mm L:1.5m Weight:11kg, Dia:100mm L:1.75m Weight:12.8kg, Dia:100mm L:1m Weight:7.3kg, Dia:100mm L:2.3m Weight:16.8kg, Dia:100mm L:2.5m Weight:18.3kg, Dia:100mm L:2.8m Weight:20.4kg, Dia:100mm L:2.9m Weight:21.5kg, Dia:100mm L:2m Weight:14.6kg, Dia:100mm L:500mm Weight:3.7kg, Dia:100mm L:750mm Weight:5.5g, Dia:120mm L:1.25m Weight:13.1kg, Dia:120mm L:1.5m Weight:15.8kg, Dia:120mm L:1.75m Weight:18.4kg, Dia:120mm L:1m Weight:10.5kg, Dia:120mm L:2.25m Weight:23.7kg, Dia:120mm L:2.5m Weight:26.3kg, Dia:120mm L:2.8m Weight:29.4kg, Dia:120mm L:2m Weight:21kg, Dia:150mm L:1.25m Weight:26.6kg, Dia:150mm L:1.5m Weight:24.7kg, Dia:150mm L:1.75m Weight:28.8kg, Dia:150mm L:1m Weight:16.4kg, Dia:150mm L:2.25m Weight:37kg, Dia:150mm L:2.5m Weight:41.1kg, Dia:150mm L:2.8m Weight:46kg, Dia:150mm L:2m Weight:32.9kg, Dia:80mm L:1.25m Weight:5.8kg, Dia:80mm L:1.5m Weight:7kg, Dia:80mm L:1.75m Weight:8.2kg, Dia:80mm L:1m Weight:4.7kg, Dia:80mm L:2.25m Weight:10.5kg, Dia:80mm L:2.5m Weight:11.7kg, Dia:80mm L:2.8m Weight:13.1kg, Dia:80mm L:2m Weight:9.3kg


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